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Art , fics and much love !!!!!!!!!!!!


I can not really evaluate your grammar proper because I am not English speaker . But the translation was not bad . So , your grammar sh...

And as the sun goes down...... by Ravenwood100

The wide path with a sunset in the background conveys a sense of infinity. The atmosphere is calm. It is noted that there is no deviati...


   Chapter 7 - Sofa and stories
Couples Chapter: KouRenKuri; Minoiao; implicit poly DMMD.
 Narrator P.O.V.
      “Ren and Clear were on the couch watching soap operas as they always did. Former almate was with the head resting on the android’s shoulder. And he felt very well tucked in that position. The Clear stroked  Ren’s head. And that the two position were like there is no tomorrow.
        Koujaku had descended the kitchen to drink water. On his return, he decided to spend in the room. The samurai saw Renny and Clear snuggled into each other on the couch. Koujaboy thought it was so cute, but so cute; he wasted no time and decided to join double.
        The hairdresser was sitting near the sofa arm, but Clear rose and asked to Koujaku sit in the middle. So Koujaku stood in the middle of the couch with Ren and Clear with their heads resting on his  shoulders. And so, the trio watched will novel and exchanged caresses. Now yes, things were very cozy and comfortable.
      When the soap opera is over, Koujaboy was mercilessly dragged into the room where clear and Ren slept. Reason: the pair decided to give for the samurai  a night full of love and affection. So that those who pass on the outside of the door feel one love aura originates from the bedroom.
    Meanwhile in another room.
    Mink, Noiz and Aoba were sitting in the same bed. Mink was a book of children’s stories at hand. At the time, he narrated the story of the Snow Queen  written by Andersan  .Noiz liked to hear. It was a way to regain some lost childhood. For when he was a child, he lived locked in his room because of his illness. And no one told stories to him.
  Noiz and Aoba listened attentive. Each of them was leaning back in Mink. Aoba thought the Mink was like a big teddy bear, something very tasty to hug and snuggle. Noiz also agreed. Because he loved to provoke the american  calling Dad, very old man, and more; yet, he loved to be near the native . Maybe it’s the love, thought the blond.
    When Mink knew the Noiz did not grow up hearing stories, he decided to fix it. Not only for the young German to recover  lost time, but help with the work. Noiz owns a toy store. There are toys and games based on children’s stories. After all, every trader must be very aware of everything they  sell.
   The american was a good storyteller. He knew how to narrate. He was not the only narrator. Sometimes the Aoba told stories. He still had his fairytale books that nostalgic Haruka mother read to him as a child. Almost the whole family heard the stories together. Except Koujaku, did not care for it. But that night only Aoba joined narration. For Clear and Renny are busily filling the Koujaku with great affection. And so the story end; Noiz, Aoba and Mink will have their moments of love too. You can be sure of that.
   Speaking of love ….
   Well, although there was a climate of serious sexual tension between some members of the family, there was a climate of great affection. Especially addressed to Noiz that all spent almost a life without love.
  The biggest caresses distributor undoubtedly was the Clear. He received all the lovers with a kiss and a tight hug. Getting to overthrow the Aoba and Ren on the floor a few times. Noiz was the champion in banter. He was the shameless boy of the house. Mink even  was serious, was also affectionate. But he was more discreet to show affection. Koujaku likes teasers, but he was not exaggerated as the Noiz. Koujaku was a very passionate lover. Aoba and Ren were very affectionate and always worried about others.
  It was a house with joys, sorrows, fights, but much unity and love. It was like a near normal marriage. Except that instead of two, were 6 people. Who loved and took care of the others. And they were known as the house of six men. And in this climate of marriage, they lived their lives as they could. “
  Final note: I hope you enjoyed. I fulfilled my promise to put a time with each of the 15  couples. I’m planning two new fanfic with poly DMMD. One is the three-shot ” Boyfriends in Germany.” Where Noiz visit his family in company of his  boyfriends. Due out soon. And also plan one lemom with six. Stay tuned. Wait !!!!
DMMD The house of six men end
I hope you enjoyed .It was my first fanfic from Dramatical Murder. Meanwhile i was writing this story, i  wrote some one-shots. See you soon.
Initial note : "My Brazil is called Mariana da Silva Gatto. The two last names are a tribute to two European people have more descendants here, Portugal and Italy, respectively. Mariana is brunette, has long hair, dark brown and curly. Her eyes are chocolate. She became very close to Russia after the BRICS alliance.

Note 2 : Natasha is cheap vodka brand from Brazil .

Narrator P.O.V.

 "It was a hot day in Rio de Janeiro. More than 40 ° C (104 ºF) as was to be expected. The air conditioning was already on edge, because it worked night and day. The ice water and juices were almost over. Only remaining beers and vodka in the fridge. It was tempting. The brazilian took two cans of beer. But she stopped herself. You can not drink a lot. It will probably have caipivodkca for this afternoon. And besides, if you're drunk, it can not receive your  russian lover.

 At about 4 hours pm , the doorbell rings. The door was a russian wearing a shirt and shorts. And sunglasses. He was more than a red pepper. Poor man. Should last the hell is with this heat, that's what the Brazil passed. The visitor brought the bags. For him it was better to stay in someone's home known than in a hotel.

  "Hello, Russia. Nice to see you. Come in."

  Brazil wanted to take a tight hug in her  loved one. But the poor fellow was so sweaty, she thought it best that he take a shower first. Then he will have all the time to talk to her.

  After the Russia lolled in the bath ...

  Brazil led Russia into the room.

  So they began to talk.

  "Brazil, your summer is hell."

 "Now, you know what i  step in your  winter." replied the girl.

  "How can you stand, dear?"

  "Making thousand charms not to miss water and air -condionate  not break. Today is so hellish that i drank two beers before you arrive."

  "What?! Brazil, you do not spend a lifetime drinking like me. You get drunk early. That's not fair."

  "Now, only two beers. I controlled myself. Soon, i'll do the caipivodka."

  "Vodka, vodka, da, da , da !!"

  "Yes, vodka. But ,i   bought Natasha okay. I have little money. I spent almost all with Christmas and taxes. You know i  have to pay many taxes and put up with the corrupt. Let me just spend the Carnival that i will hit some pots in them . "

  "I understand you. It has many corrupt in Russia as well."

  "Changing the subject, Brazil your skin is darker? Taking too much sun?"

  "Yes, very much. When the sun is not the beach , it is the sun in the street when i'm working. And you're red as a pepper, you know?"

  "I am. The sunscreen is not simply. I'm having to use sunglass and open the umbrella. The heat is so much that i had to separate myself from my scarf. I feel naked without it."

 " Oh ! We have to change from time to time to time. But what we do not need to change, should not be changed, Russia."

  "Brazil, when you will bring caipivodka?

  "Not until you give me a kiss, okay? No kiss, no drink."

   Russia made a sad face, but he agreed.

   After an hour of intense kissing  .....

  Brazil was the kitchen and not long after brought the drinks. The caipivodka is made with lemon , vodka, ice and sugar.

  "Brazil, I loved it! I want more!"

  "Beware, this vodka i used is stronger. Do not overdo it."

  "Do not worry,  i can handle well."

  "If you drink too much and get horny, i'll beat you. I may not have the best of hosts, but certainly, i  am not a small country. You heard right?"

  "Da, da, da."

  After 6 cups, the Russian stopped. Brazil stopped in the second cup. The vodka is strong. She does not want to get drunk and have her vital regions invaded by accident. The last time Brazil got drunk she almost got into a very big  trouble.

  After the pair finished the drinks, Brazil laid her  head on Russia's lap and there was. While the Russian was nurturing her . They would be hours so if an american does not appear by surprise, with  baggage ready to spend a few days in the house of Brazil.

  Poor Brazil. She knows what happens when you mix Russia and America in the same house. But she just can not say no to the America  when he visits her . After all, the two are good friends. The two who understand. I do not want all ends in pizza, is what Brazil thought about how would her  next few days. "

Endnote 1: Sorry for the American invasion. But it's no fun if he isn't a cockblocker when Brazil and Russia are together. I hope you enjoyed.
Endnote 2: Finishing pizza means frustrated plans .
Brazil Russia and vodka Hetalia fic
Title : Brazil Russia and vodka
Universe : Axis Power Hetalia
Warning : Canon x oc , alchool , maybe ooc
Rating : T
Couple : Russil (Russia x Brazil )
Summary : The Brazil Invites Russia for a visit to her  home. And presents the caipivodka for him . Russiax fem . Brazil fanfic.


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Monster Inc Randall and Maia by marianasumdac
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SNK humanitys second best soldier by marianasumdac
I do commissions with the following materials: Graphite pencils;
My commissions are cheap. For drawings in black and white, I charge 10 points. For color drawings, 15 points.
A person can order two committees at a time over a period of 3 months.


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My chat on DeviantArt :

Hello , welcome to my page . Sorry my english, i am portuguese speaker .I don't like harsh comments , homophobia , sexism , couple bashing . I like all types of couples . This page is straigh , slash \yaoi and femmeslah\yuri friendly . I always comment that I favorite. And I always thank you for the favorites. Kindness gerates kindness said an wise brazilian man .

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Nyah fanfiction : nurse dreamy
tumblr personal blog ; autobotmariana
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It's a little scary. Because i recognize all my old reincarnated relatives. And i'm sad that i have not yet strong bond with everyone. It is sad to know that my soul mate was born as my brother. But, i  accept it . Yeah, he was murdered in the last life. We would be stuck in each other , if  we had  not been born brothers. Undermine our mission.
I now know where i came from, who are my ties, my mission, my old name, my old look.
I have memory befall a massacre, which left me a widow. Since childhood, i always crossed my mind thoughts about what would happen to me if i were in the middle of a massacre. I think it was my memory trying to awaken.
After i  regained my memories, i have been working hard over and over to be a better person. I have accepted my male side more easily. And tried to fulfill my mission.

My mission is to heal the hearts. I am the daughter of the stars. I come from one of the worlds near the star Arcturus. It was a world of fifth dimension. Humans, i  like being here. I want to help you  as much as i can.
PS : I survived a massacre by reptilians. Species allied to Dracos, Archons, Zetas and Grays. Such species comes enslaving Earth 12000 years. But soon they will be purged.
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